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The Destination

Polichnitos is a historic village on the western side of Lesvos, 50 minutes from the airport and 40 minutes from the capital city of the island, Mytilini. The "dowry" of the village is its Thermal Springs, which until now were not widely known.

However, due to the significant investment made there, based on the “THERMAL SPRINGS HIPPOKRATES 2023” project by TKC Group, the springs today can offer to the Greek and global public their very effective therapeutic properties, in an atmosphere of calmness and revitalization of mind and body.

There, in search of the absolute well-being, you will get unique thermal bath experiences in indoor and outdoor spaces, nestled harmoniously in the natural landscape.

These healing waters have a history spanning centuries. But the year 2023, marked the opening of a new era for the springs and Polichnitos!

So this great event enables families, couples, elderly and young people to come and experience a journey to health and relaxation!


Polichnitos is located in the southwestern part of the island, 45 kilometers from Mytilini, among olive groves, pine forests, hot springs and beaches and belongs to the Municipality of West Lesvos. Since 1979 it has been declared a "traditional settlement".

In the area, it is worth visiting the Damandriou Monastery to see the 12th century frescoes and the Folklore Museum. Also the old olive press in the village square with its characteristic chimney with the stork's nest, which has been transformed in recent years into a cultural center.

Also well known are its salt pans, from which salt is extracted, the early Christian churches, the church of Agios Georgios and the houses of the village with their unique stone carvings. The coastal area of Polichnitos is one of the most important wetlands for birds in Greece. Over 130 species of birds have been recorded in Kalloni Bay, some of which live there permanently, while others migrate.


For biologists, ornithologists and bird watchers, the area is a living museum of natural history where they can observe and study existing bird species, their habits and behavior as well as various biological and environmental issues of the area.

The port of Polichnitou, Skala Polichnitou, is located at a distance of 4.2 kilometers in the bay of Kalloni where there is a large fishing shelter as well as many taverns offering fresh fish, seafood from the bay and traditional snacks. Near Polichnitos are Vatera and Nyfida beaches.

Thermal Springs of Polichnitos

The thermal springs of Polichnitos are situated almost 1km southeast of the small town of Polichnitos in the volcanic rocks that belong to the newest rock of Lesvos. Generally in the area of Polichnitos sediments are encountered which precipitated in a lake that existed in the area. Also in the lake in later geological periods, volcanic products were deposited (pyroclastic material, lava), that came from the volcanic extrusion which probably came from several volcanic centers, that are located in the area west of Polichnitos towards the entrance of the gulf of Kalloni and the Aegean sea. From geological surveys that were conducted in the area of Polichnitos and from boreholes, the coexistence of lake sedimentary rocks and volcanic rocks was assured.

Thermal Springs Polixnitos Lesvos

The rocks from which the thermal springs of Polichnitos gush up appear with red and yellow colours because of the precipitation of iron oxides like hematite, limonite.

All the thermal springs of Polichnitos contain sodium chloride and their temperature is between 62oC and 86oC. In comparison with the seawater the sodium chloride of the thermal springs of Polichnitos is three times lesser. It's believed through that there is a mixing of the water of the thermal springs with the sea water up to 30% approximately.

Bibliography: Volcanic activity-Hot springs and the creation of the Lesvos Petrified Forest, Akindynos Kelepertsis


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