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Χημικές Ιδιότητες

Chemical Properties

The thermal waters are classified in the group of chlorinated springs

Θεραπευτικές Ιδιότητες

Therapeutic Properties

Springs can treat a host of chronic conditions and more

Chemical Properties

Chemical Properties

The waters (at the exit of Polichnitos towards Vatera) in the hot springs facilities, spring from many places within the earth, through volcanic primary and secondary porous rocks. Free-flowing water that evaporates, staining the bottom red due to growing thermophilic bugs (algae). Their temperature is between 67°C and 92°C (in the baths is between 42°C and 44°C) and they are considered one of the warmest in Europe.

Based on their physicochemical composition, the thermal waters of Polichnitos are classified in the group of chlorinated springs. The water is clear, odorless and enriched with natural radon radiation 15-25Mu, with oxycarbonates, chlorides and sulfates of calcium, sodium with free carbon dioxide, with iron compounds, magnesium, manganese, oxygen and very small amounts of iodine and bromine.

Therapeutic Properties

The springs, in terms of their healing properties, are comparable to those of Wiesbaden, Germany. In addition to their relaxing properties, are suitable to heal chronic forms of rheumatism, arthropathies (chronic conditions, degenerative and deforming), rhizoneuritis, chronic spondyloarthritis, back pain, deformities and post-traumatic injuries of the skeletal system.

In fact, due to the beneficial effect of the thermal stimulus ( = water temperature) and the buoyancy of the bather's body ( = reduction of body weight with better movement "almost without" pain), the chemical-osmotic effect of the salts and mainly of sulfur is achieved (it prevents the action of hyaluronidase which destroys bone and articular osteochondral surfaces).

The thermal waters also help to deal with chronic diseases of the gynecological cycle, such as inflammatory diseases of gynecological origin, fallopian tube dysfunction - dysmenorrhea, female sterilization.

The circle of therapeutic properties, however, does not end here, but extends to endocrine dysfunctions (due to the rejuvenating effect of radon), peripheral vessels related to circulatory failure, gouty arthritis, secondary skin diseases, extrapulmonary tuberculosis, chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract and in gastritis mainly dyspepsia, which can be hypochlorhydric with hypotonia and gastric atony.

Therapeutic Properties


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