Hippocrates Thermal Springs

Strategic Cooperation Between TKC A.E. & Chinese Traditional Medicine Center of Athens

TKC SA, as expanding its activities in the Spa Medicine and Wellness sector, inaugurated on 16.8.23 the operation of the renovated facilities of the Thermal Springs of Polichnitos "HIPPOKRATES" (Lesvos island). In collaboration with the ASKLEPIEIA HEALTH CLUSTER - of which it is a founding member - will promote the spirit and will develop the practices of Chinese Medicine in the same time as the healing waters treatments.

It is a partnership of Eastern and Western Medicine in order to pave the way for Asian patients to find appropriate treatment in Greece and especially in the Thermal Springs of Polichnitos.

The primary objective of Asklepieia Health Cluster is to implement treatment packages for specialized wellness facilities such as:
1. Spa centers
2. Thalassotherapy centers (an initial pilot project will be the thalassotherapy center of the Mythical Coast Wellness Retreat Hotel, in Kratigos, Mytilene,
3. Thermal springs of Greece (a pilot project will be the Hot Springs of Polichnitos "Hippocrates" (

In the effort to spread the spirit of Chinese Medicine to visitors and tourists in Greece, the scientific partners of the Athens Chinese Traditional Medicine Center will be helpful!

Enriching wellness destinations with the profound wisdom of Chinese Medicine, TKC AE aims to create a harmonious blend of traditional healing techniques and modern wellness practices.

TKC S.A. envisions a brighter and better future for people with health problems, offering them a unique and enriching experience based on the partnership of traditional Chinese Medicine methods with those of the West!


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